Team P.J. Projects

Russell Welsh

CEO and Managing Director

Don Voysey


Matthew Moses

Scaffolding Operations Director

Lourens Morris

Operations Director RBM

HSEC Policy


PJ Projects recognises the right of every employee to work in a safe environment in all activities and is committed to providing this safe environment by:

  • Taking a risk based approached in all we do by assessing the potential risks in the work that we undertake and that of our sub-contractors.
  • Putting safety measures in place to counteract these potential risks.
  • Training all employees and sub-contractors in these safety measures put in place.
  • Providing competency training for all our employees.
  • Carrying our job observations on all employees on an on going basis.
  • Always testing the system: IS THERE A BETTER WAY?

Signing of the PJP – JV joint Venture Agreement 

From Back Left: Lourens Morris (JV RBM Operations director) Ivy Zulu (JV Director), Mathew Moses (JV Scaffolding Operations director), Don Voysey (JV Company Secretary & Director)

From Front Left: Russell Welsh JV CEO and Managing Director, Isaac Zulu (JV Director)

Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment

  • PJ Projects has been accredited and assessed by SEESA as a level 3 BB-BEE compliance.
  • PJ Projects has been assessed and graded as a level 6SD and 6SL by the Construction Industry development board (CIDB).
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